The show must go on!

by James Duren and Miguel Hidalgo (Model: Bella Briscoe, Photographer: Michael Higgins)

We are born to be on stage and it's never too late to get started.

Think back to when you were younger – everything seemed possible. Talent shows. Competitions. Contests. You believed you could be anything you wanted.

If you're like me, at some point your parents encouraged you to try a new sport or a skill. Maybe it was football, acting or music. We've all been there.

We trudged our way through early morning practices and late-night rehearsals to make our parents proud. We sang at the talent shows, did our dances at the assemblies and competed in our games.

Talent Shows & Competitions: You're The Star

Now, it's time for you to do what you love to make yourself proud. No parents. No teachers. Just you and a community of genuine people at Model Madness who live by one philosophy: Everyone is a celebrity at Model Madness.

Wake up your dreams; they've been sleeping for too long. You decide what level of greatness you can achieve. You are the one who can resurrect the creative person inside of you.

Right now, there are competitions and contests bursting behind the curtains waiting for you to make an appearance. Participate at any level of engagement. As you connect yourself with performance opportunities like community theaters or talent shows, you'll realize the value of being who you know you were born to be.

The Model Madness Community: Your New Best Friends

While you're transforming those old dreams into new realities, fellow talented Model Madness artists will encourage you with advice. They want the same dreams. They know what it's like to look at the mundane work world around them and wonder, “Is there something more than this?”

There is, and you can achieve it through practicing your talent, polishing your skills and persistence. Your goal may be to perform in the local theater or simply to pick up your guitar and head to a local open mic to sing a few songs. Either way, the Model Madness community will help you get there.

Finding Your Talent: It's Never Too Late

When you find yourself on stage or in front of a small crowd with friends and loved ones with the golden glow of the stage lights draping you in warmth, you'll realize it's never too late to get started.

It reminds me of something Walt Disney said a long time ago. His creative empire began with a dream of turning flat, empty swampland into something transcendent. He knew what it took to create a talented community.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Are you ready? The Model Madness community is waiting for you to start. Take the risk. Start the journey. Become the creative talent you've always wanted to be.